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Updated: Mar 23

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Following the Janta curfew yesterday since morning I just sat in front of my lappy and was able to hear the ongoing news due to the loud volume of the TV in the other room. And seeing the situation of so many people enjoying the quarantine, I barely had any expectations from the day. But thereafter a news notification popped up in my phone which said that the roads are vacant all over and the things are smooth #JantaCurfew and this made me happy.

Yesterday at 5 we all saw how our country united to praise the corona fighters and stand as one to fight against the disease as the Janta Curfew went well.

So, the day went like that and news anchors kept on telling how the countrymen were following Janta Curfew and lockdown announcements.

The Praiseworthy 5

It was about to be five in the evening when my father just reminded me of the applauding thing and to which I replied"let's see if people come out". And then suddenly I could hear people clapping, ringing plates and bells as a reminder to all for coming out and to my amaze as I went to my balcony I could see people all around standing and applauding from their balconies, and some standing in the street and blowing conch shells. And everyone praised the #CoronaFighters irrespective of their age, gender and religion.

So, among the feeds and stories filled with Corona posts and Flix&Chill, today for a change we could see an united India against COVID-19. And a special thanks to all the Doctors, Nurses, Cops, House Helpers, Guards, Delivery Boys, and all out there.

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