The high-speed lockdown

Updated: Mar 28

Is lockdown really that tough, for us? Read it down and decide yourself.

On 5th August 2019, the lockdown started in Jammu&Kashmir wherein the region had no access to any means of communication for a long period, and thereafter internet with 2g speed despite the fact that they too deserve to be aware about the current happenings around the world and access to the online world of education and knowledge with a high-speed connection.

The lockdown with access to 4g internet connection or high speed wifi with unlimited calling is really tough as compared to a life locked inside without it?

The still life in the valley came back on the pace on 1st March 2020, after more than 200 days of lockdown and again a 21 days pan India lockdown was announced in the country by the Hon'ble Prime Minister.

Digital access to the world outside

So, now when we talk about the 21 days of lockdown that we are going through having full access to high-speed connection and all the digital facilities on our fingertips, is it really that tough? (if we compare). Staying at home, calling our friends for hour-long chats to watching series and movies of our choice while enjoying our favourite television shows and reading books of the genre that we love, can't we really spend just 21 days at home? that too for our own safety.

Let's just consider this as the me-time that we always wanted in our daily routine and consider this as an opportunity to grow as an individual by working upon our skill sets and pursue our passions while fighting against the virus for humanity. And yes, is this too really tough?

It's just a personal opinion nothing political.


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