work Experience

• Designer at TECHNATICS (Tech Society of SCMS-N)

• Designer and IT Personal for SYMAROH | Annual Cultural Fest | 2019-20

• Graphics Designer for SYMCHARCHA | Annual Debating Competition | 2019-20

• Graphic Designer for GENESYM | Internship Fair |2020

• Graphic Designer for Alumni Meet, SCMS-N 

• Graphic Designer for KIRDAAR, Dramatics Society 

• Digital Graphics Designer at Youth Empowerment Foundation 

• Designer and IT Personal for MAANSEEKH | (A mental health initiative)

• Designer SYMPATRIKA | Magazine and Newsletter | Edition 2020

• Graphic Designer for EPITOME MUNC | 2020

• Head, IT Affairs and Graphics Designer for Delhi University Model United Nations | 2020

What all I design?



This is all that I've done and I do, but would love to explore more and work more.

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